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Student blogs, Canvas, and the generosity of the open web

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I learn so much about teaching and learning from people who share their work on the open web.  One of the most generous faculty I know is Laura Gibbs, or @onlinecrslady .

Today, she posted  about how she integrates students' blogs in Canvas..   This page will fill as students write in their own digital spaces throughout the course, and those posts from disparate sites will all be syndicated here.

She introduced me to the tool she's using here -- Inoreader.  When I have students blog, I drop their URLs into a folder in Inoreader (there are other similar tools for managing blogs, but Inoreader lets you do that collective stream in a  course like she does here in Canvas).

With URLs in that folder, I just skim the folder index to see when students have posted something new.  The index looks like this. I'm caught up on reading except for one new post (bolded, and the count of new posts is next to the folder title).   


It's very easy in Inoreader to then also grap the a code for the whole folder to embed in another website or page, as Gibbs is doing in Canvas.  Then, snippets of every blog post will appear in one place for students to access.

Some of the student digital literacies involved here:

  • Writing in your own digital space
  • Managing a potential flood of information using a tool that brings that info to you and helps you to track it.
  • Creating workflows across tools
  • Open sharing of knowledge and perspectives.

Here is just one of the websites that Gibbs has created to share what she does (and she's always been so generous in answering my questions about any of this).