old typewriter with BEDUC 476 typed on paper

WhO OwNs wHat?

https://www.thefader.com/2015/12/03/on-fleek-peaches-monroee-meechie-viral-vines This article stressed some really great points but one that I felt thinking more about was the revealing that a crew of black dancers  had their account suspended due to copyright infringement laws, they had built hundreds of thousands of views on their dance videos and suffered consequences for not crediting the musicians explicitly.… Continue reading WhO OwNs wHat?

old typewriter with BEDUC 476 typed on paper

The Sale (Final Video Project)

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RSDVzbX0EVAH9dZDj9l4BHErR6sH4qEk/view Here is a link to the final video production I filmed for another course this quarter. I wanted to reflect on the experience, as working with a full production crew was something I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to do before. It was an eye opening process and one that reminded me a ton about… Continue reading The Sale (Final Video Project)

old typewriter with BEDUC 476 typed on paper

Modern Distractions – Mediated Media

Here is a mediated article I wrote on todays difficulty with are smartphones and how they distract us. I used Microsoft Sway and sourced all my images from Creative Commons providers. Please leave a comment on your smartphone habits. https://sway.office.com/s/jbh1WKJraKmnfvsC/embed Advertisements

No distinction off- or online

How many of us deliberately have a difference between our online and offline selves? Seems this intentionality occurs as students gain awareness of other communities beyond their own immediate experiences (or have more experiences). For example, some freshmen entered the high school this year with usernames like, madcow6969 and codyeatsworms.  Not exactly academic. After encouraging … Continue reading No distinction off- or online

old typewriter with BEDUC 476 typed on paper


Much of the “play” and learning reflects intrinsic motivation and a willingness to engage within the collective learning process. Yet, how do teachers help students overcome various obstacles to be able, willing participants? In the education world, many teachers have heard of the “I can’t” students who might need additional resources or interventions of key … Continue reading Collaboration